Show Cause and Teach-Out Notification

February 28, 2022

To Whom it May Concern,

Reference: Show Cause and Teach-Out Notification


In accordance to ABHES’s Accreditation Manual, Chapter III, Section C, Subsection 5, the institution was directed to submit a new institution accreditation status to prospective and current students. After the January 2022 Commission meeting, North Broward Technical Center continue its “Show Cause” status and must continue submitting to ABHES an updated teach-out nursing (ASN) student census status quarterly. The NBTC Chief Executive Officer, NBTC Program Advisory Committee, and the support of students, faculty, and staff, have proactively taken steps to address and satisfy the criteria outlined by ABHES.

No changes will be made within the degree program and the course requirements will stay as they were since the school is still licensed and approved by State regulators.

Any questions or inquiries regarding the accreditation status of North Broward Technical Center, Inc.’s accreditation can be directed to:

Herard LaFrance, DNP, APRN-BC

President/Chief Executive Officer